Get to know Gushi - the best Japanese street food in Toronto

Gushi was started in 2012 by Shinji Yamaguchi and Blessie Maturan with the goal of sharing authentic Japanese street food in Toronto.

From our juicy and crispy Japanese fried chicken in Toronto to our commitment to quality ingredients and sustainability, we are dedicated to bringing the best of Japan to Toronto's food scene. With two convenient locations in the city, Gushi is the go-to destination for delicious, high-quality Japanese street food.

Gushi provides the best possible Japanese Street Food experience for customers across Toronto, Ontario

Shinji Yamaguchi is Gushi's founder and head chef.

With over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry and a gold medal in the National Skills Olympics in Japan for developing product quality, consistency, speed, and safety skills, Shinji is dedicated to providing the best possible Japanese street food experience for his customers. In his free time, he enjoys food and travel and is also passionate about community events.

At Gushi, our mission is to bring the best of Japanese street food to Toronto and share our love for delicious and authentic food while also being committed to using high-quality ingredients and being environmentally friendly. We want to make sure that our customers leave feeling satisfied and happy.

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